I have loved photography since I was a little kid. My mother always had pictures on all of the walls, frames stacked all over our furniture, and albums full of old snapshots and slides. I spent so many hours of my childhood looking at them, wondering what life was like when they were taken or remembering a moment that I had forgotten. I've had all kinds of cameras throughout my life - from Kodak's Instamatic with Magicube flash bulbs, to the Disc camera, to my dad's Canon 35mm SLR (that I "borrowed" indefinitely), and now to digital cameras. I carried my cameras with me just about everywhere I went and have boxes of photos to show for it! I get even more giddy when new technology gets packed into DSLR cameras like video or GPS! Who would have thought they would have GPS receivers in cameras! What will be next? But as camera technology moves forward, the images they create will always remain in the past. That is the part of photography that I love.

What I always thought was just a hobby has grown into a passion. I see the world through the lens and constantly want to capture it on "film". Life is beautiful, love is beautiful, and you are beautiful! My goal is to showcase that beauty and preserve those moments in time.